1 Malaysia Training Programme

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1 Malaysia Training Programme

1Malaysia Training Programme is an amazing chance for Malaysian businesses to upskill and reskill their staff through training.  As a certified 1 Malaysia Training Programme provider we would love to discuss how our trainings could benefit your organization and employees.

The 1Malaysia Training Programme was established with an allocation of RM200 million by Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (PSMB).

The Fund is for the employers to train the workforce under the upskilling and reskilling programmes to create a pool of competent, well-trained and skilled workforce.

Qualifying Conditions for Employers:

  • Employers have sufficient levy balance
  • Employers have at least have 80% levy balance to cover the course fee
  • Employers with levy arrears or unpaid interest are also eligible to apply

The Selection and Levy Reservation:

  • Employers only need to reserve levy for training programmes they have selected with a click of button in the PSMB website
  • Employers do not have to seek prior approval from PSMB
  • Employers log in to the Employer Information System (EIS)
  • Employers with sufficient levy will be able to reserve their levy
  • Notification of approval to employer and a cc. copy to Training Provider will be sent through email
  • Employees will undergo the training programmes

Disbursement Procedures:

  • Employers are allowed to claim for allowable costs upon the completion of training and attached it with attendance list

Incentive for Employers:

  • An incentive of 20% based on the course fees will be given to the employers by the government. Employers will only cover 80% of the course fees which will be drawn from their levy balance.
  • The incentive will be credited into employers’ levy accounts once training providers had submitted their claims for course fee.

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